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The knowledge and expertise you shared with the committee was extremely helpful
— -Steven H.
Very interesting—helped me to understand what to look for when social media is brought into evidence or attempted to be brought in
— Anonymous
Wonderful idea! Needs to be brought back periodically as the case law develops more
I participated in the CLE yesterday re Nuremberg. Vey nice program!

Congratulations to Prof Hoffmeister, U of Dayton and all supporting staff for putting together an excellent program.

As a retired US Navy officer, lawyer, general historian and military combat historian, I was impressed with the overview of information, all packed into one dense hour. Many topics have been the subject of entire books. It was great CLE, combined with an excellent historical overview.
— Brian K.
Thank you for a great lecture this morning.
— Robert B.
The judges really enjoyed your presentation. Your evidence and social media presentation sounds particularly interesting.
— Debbie W.
I had the pleasure of attending your very interesting Webinar on The Nuremberg Trials
— Rachael W.